Welcome to the Elephant Magazine!

Welcome to the website of “The Elephant”, St Andrews University’s modern languages magazine!

If you are interested in submitting articles, please contact us! Below is a general overview of the sections we will be including so you can get an idea of what kind of things we are looking for:

Creative writing — poems, short stories etc.

Culture — art exhibitions, books, plays, films, music, dance, sport etc.

Features – every issue, we pick a feature theme that’s current and on everyone’s mind!

Food and Drink — recipes, traditions etc.

Humour – any amusing anecdotes

Linguistics — etymologies, slang  etc.

Politics – anything which will still be current in the coming weeks. We aim to print twice a semester so it needs to be an ongoing issue

Travel – tell us about your year abroad, or any desolate place you think we should visit

Photo Gallery – upload photos of your travels, things that interest you or just anything foreign! We want to see them all!

We will also be including a section for writing in foreign languages.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Elephant



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