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25 Oct

Katherine O’Connor

Ruins at Cusco

CUSCO is an interesting city. Someone once told me that they thought Peru’s capital city, Lima, felt “unfinished”, but to me Cusco is more so. Lima is big – and while there is obvious segregation between those who have money and those who don’t, the various barrios, districtos, and its enormous scale make it seem almost like it was made that way on purpose. Cusco, on the other hand, is a small city. Not small enough that it took me less than an hour to walk into the city centre every day, but small enough that if you meet someone once you’ll probably run into them again. Continue reading



25 Oct

Antonia Storey

Some of the most beautiful cities in Europe have been the European Capitals of Culture and Tallinn is certainly no exception.  Situated on the Baltic coast, it is a stone’s throw from Helsinki, Stockholm and St Petersburg yet is still teeming with its own charm and culture.  The Old Town is a beautiful medieval settlement dating back to 1050 which has been granted the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site and the buildings there have been kept in pristine condition. Continue reading