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Summer summer summer

1 Mar

What Next?

– A message from Helen Butt, at the St Andrews Careers Centre

As a Modern Language graduate of the University of St Andrews, I remember that feeling towards the end of my course, when I knew I had to start thinking about what to do with myself after graduation. In those days, with no internet and the lack of literature on career options, deciding what to do after university was rather difficult. Continue reading


We Call it Fun, but You May Call it Madness: Summering in Italy

21 Feb

Hannah Brownlow

Tuscany, Italy

Ten immortal words: ten words that will either strike fear into the hearts of individuals, or usher in an overpowering and joyful nostalgia. I am wholeheartedly with the latter. I learnt the above by way of an organisation called ACLE. But what is the fun and what is the madness to which my title refers? Simply put – learning and teaching English.

ACLE is a non-profit organisation that teaches English to children across everyone’s favourite boot-shaped country, Italy. The founder, completely fed up with the hap-hazard way in which Italian children were taught English, decided he could do a lot better himself, so founded the company that, during the summer, teaches English at summer schools and, during the academic year, puts on English shows in schools nationwide. Bravo! Continue reading

How I have spent, will spend and always want to spend my summer vacation

24 Jan

Jillian Levick

Imagine a small and decrepit wooden structure, filled to capacity with hot overcrowded beds. Shrieking people everywhere are fighting over the rations of food allotted to them by their superiors. These people haven’t washed for days, and the dirt that surrounds them latches onto their sticky fingers with every passing moment. It sounds horrible, uncomfortable, and demeaning. This scene, however, is held onto as dearly and as tightly as these sticky fingers can grasp, as these are not the barracks of a great world war, but rather another environment that fosters love, hate, and camaraderie. This scene, of course, is summer camp. Continue reading