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22 Mar

Still feeling the effects of the tsunami

Tomohiro Harada

A survivor of the tsunami

It has been relatively a quiet weekend in Tokyo, but up north, the civil defence force is still discovering 1000 bodies per day. We are missing additional 15000 bodies somewhere in the zone where the Tsunami struck and the overall death toll is expected to top 20000. People are still dying, because of the strong cold weather and snow in the region without electricity. Over 20 communities ‘disappeared’ and 10 communities are still isolated from the rest. Supply lines are being formed, but the commodity price in the North are hiking very fast. The government are trying to respond though increase in supply, but it is becoming increasingly difficult as various vegetables are being scrapped as a result of nuclear contamination. Continue reading


Bad dreams

21 Mar

Lucy Vauclair

Nuclear bomb

I’m prone to nightmares in periods of uneasiness. In my childhood a large snake slithering through my sheets and eventually choking me to death tormented my sleep. During my teenage years friends dressed as gorillas tended to push me off skyscrapers. My A Level period was haunted by an extremely large vanilla ice-cream cone which would land on my head, drowning me in its creamy goodness. But now I’m dreaming of the earth shaking itself so much it falls apart whilst scary fighter pilots bomb St Andrews with nuclear weapons. And I don’t think this reflects uneasiness about my upcoming graduation.

For a pretty long spell I’ve dreaded turning on the Today programme, accessing my Guardian homepage and listening to the 6 o’clock news because I just feel so disappointed by the decisions our governments are making on our behalf. Continue reading