Want to write…?

20 Jan
What better time to put pen to paper than the inter-semester break?!
The Elephant is looking for articles for its 3rd issue! Please send your articles to theelephant10@gmail.com
Want to write but stuck for ideas? Why not write about some of these?
Features: Summer plans. Where are you going this summer? Do you know of any good organisations you want to share with others? Did you do something interesting last summer that you want to tell us about?
Politics: What do you think about cuts to education throughout Europe? How do you think the cuts to British Council will affect language learning in the UK? Will Erasmus survive  austerity measures? Has Berlusconi finally reached the end of the line? In the media world, how much freedom is too much freedom? What’s your take on the recent events in Tunisia?
Reviews: Do you have any summer reads you want to share with us? Know of any controversial contemporary authors or song-writers? Been to the theatre recently? Discovered some foreign musician you think deserves recognition?
Creative Writing: It’s clichéd but we are proposing ‘Lost in Translation’ as a title for any short stories or poetry.
Photos: Sticking with the above theme of ‘Lost in Translation’ we are looking for any photos you have taken on your travels.
Linguistics: Found something fascinating about the way languages work?
Humour: any amusing anecdotes again focusing on ‘Lost in Translation’.
Travel: How and where did you bring in the New Year? Got any plans for the inter-semester break?
Articles 500-700 words and can be written in English or any foreign language.
Please get in touch at theelephant10@gmail.com if you require any further information.

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