Waking Whisky

28 Nov

Justin McKee

Lagavulin 16

Upon uncorking, I take a small, anticipatory whiff. My mind is blown. This whisky is reminiscent of that first moment when you wake up to find light shining through the window, the harbinger of a beautiful day, but you are still in harmony with the worlds of all your dreams.

Nose: Smoky moss, wooded hills, and alcoholic sherry tingling the nose hairs.
Taste: Unusually, taste follows smell in almost every particular. Round, with a bit of oomph; a snarky sherry sweetness hiding behind a bit of burn. Gentle grassiness carries you onward and outward to a distant fireplace full of oak logs.
Finish: Dry, peaty wood. A bit of a let down from the grandiose nose and compelling flavours, but still very nice. As the whisky lingers – and linger it does! – it slowly softens into gentle, soothing embrace which will ease the worry from your bones.
Appearance: Clear, ambrosial amber. Dark enough to convey character, light enough to be welcoming. An inner glow makes no promises the Lagavulin 16 can’t keep. Thick legs last for ages.


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