We want your opinions…

15 Nov

We are now looking for articles for our second issue. As before, submissions should be between 500-700 words, although creative writing can be longer (or shorter!). Please send your ideas and articles to theelephant10@gmail.com.

For this issue’s main feature we are focussing on tuition fees; in particular we are looking for comparisons with other countries. What do you think about the recent cuts to university funding? How does the situation in Britain compare to that of other countries? Are you a foreign student in Britain? Why did you choose to come here to study?

Here’s a reminder of what we’re looking for in our other sections:

Travel – tell us about your year abroad, or any desolate place you think we should visit. Perhaps you are an exchange student in St Andrews? What do you make of these fair shores?
Food and Drink β€” fancy sharing your culinary favourites, or what effect food has on a particular culture etc. For this issue we are focussing paricularly on seasonal treats πŸ™‚
Humour – any amusing anecdotes
Politics – anything which will still be current in the coming weeks. We aim to print twice a semester so it needs to be an ongoing issue.
Reviews β€” art exhibitions, books, plays, films, music, film etc.
Creative writing β€” poems, short stories etc
Linguistics β€” etymologies, slang , translation difficulties etc.

Articles in a foreign language are welcome.


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