In Support of Patrizia and Annette

3 Oct

Having been taught by two of the four Senior Languages Tutors, the news of the redundancies came as a shock and disappointment.

Patrizia Sambuco’s work as a Senior Language Tutor meant that I reached a good level of Italian within months of studying the language. I could not believe that the university could let such an effective teacher and native speaker go.

Her approach to language teaching undoubtedly fills the students with enthusiasm. I think this is due to the energy she puts into lessons and her passion for Italian, which she is able to share with the class. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that the majority of Italian Honours students were taught by Patrizia in their first year.

Equally, Annette Zimmermann should not have lost her post. She never failed to make classes interesting due to her innovative ways of conducting language classes. In spite of my A Level German, I saw my German improve considerably during my year in Frau Zimmermann’s classes.

What’s more, she always sought to get students involved with the German department outside of class hours, organising competitions and events to encourage language acquisition even further.

I am pleased to hear that both Dr Sambuco and Frau Zimmermann have gained other positions within the university. They are exceptional members of staff who are assets to this leading institution and would be missed by any student who has had the pleasure of being taught by them.


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